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Kirjoitettua palsta alkoi joulukuussa 2015 ja on keskittynyt arkkitehtuuriin ja ajankohtaisiin aiheisiin. Sen 280. kirjoitus julkaistiin 2.11.2022. Viimeaikaiset aiheet ovat keskittyneet suunnitteluohjelmistoihin ja arkkitehtuuriin.


"Kirjoitettua" column, "Written" in Finnish, started in December 2015 and it is focused in architecture and current topics. The 280th writing was published 2.11.2022. Recent subjects are related to design programs and architecture.


2024-04-02_07:56:00 Four decades of Poutvaara -visual arts

My visual arts started to develop four decades ago as an independent phenomenon. I see it more important than photography, because as I wrote in the last writing: a photographer is not any more a special profession, but it is more reasonable to relate it to actual work, in this case for example visual arts. During my studies my main topic was not visual arts, but I have done various courses and my largest projects have been independent.

After forming the PPS as a new sales page there was created the Graphic, from which the PPS users can buy proofs from the artist. Works are large and form a background or a centre of focus thus passing either to lofty private home’s living rooms or public spaces. The largest works (3.6 m * 1.2 m and 4.4 m * 1.2 m) are made suitable for the walls or corridors of offices, institutions, hospitals or churches.

At the starting phase all presented works are related to the same between 2017-2024 developed theme: ordinary bird and abstract background. In visual arts development work I ended in making precise ink drawings about birds and connect them with architectural themed backgrounds, in which further development work I rejected the traditional printing techniques because of the large size of the works and ended in CAD-based digital printing proofs making. There are four series of works, in total 48 different works.

Of the presented works there is an archive quality ink drawing version, which can be used for exhibition purpose. One hundred meters of exhibition space wall is easily covered, in maximum Kunsthalle Helsinki -size class. The sales items are digital print proofs, an experimental technique, which makes it possible a large size, more economic series and precise quality. I have self developed the technique as a byproduct of my design expertise. Organizing an exhibition, in which there is presented both original ink drawings and for sale digital proofs, is possible. I see ink drawings as a modern versions of printing plates.

As a child I just happened to have paper, drawing equipment and time to develop an own vision. I started my commercial visual arts in the 1980s via art and design competitions. In the 1990s I received my main university-level art education. Art has become an integral part of my activity and my visual art projects since 2017 have become a counter balance for machine-related vector-based design. I decided to combine old and new technique to produce in combination more than the both separate. I see visual arts as part of my own theory about architecture empathising on arts and presentation technique, same as reaching for technical limits. I have also tested my innovations among architecture and design.

I see repeating my works or teaching them as a course as such practically impossible: the works are requiring professional level CAD-expertise, university level mathematics, professional level photography, professional level ink drawing and mastery of visual arts theory and history. The largest single works have taken a full month of working time, in total “Graphic” -web-site presented works have taken a full year of planning and working time. The works are as such an example of what can be done, and primary an example of my own expertise and developing it.

Track flight, part of tetralogy, size 1.5 m * 0.9 m

In the starting phase in the website there are 48 different works. The works are following in natural scientific level my own observation of an ordinary bird in an environment making it an extraordinary with ink drawing and combining it into abstract background using different design and art fields: architectural visualization, photography, CAD-drawing and ink drawing.

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