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Welcome to my homepage. I am Taneli Poutvaara, designer and planner in technical-artistic branch in Helsinki, Finland.

I have been an entrepreneur in architecture with an aim to develop the level of the tasks with patience. I have designed and realized small projects and have developed my readiness and resources. I have made a number of plans and designs in concept level about a large variety of subjects and scales. With conditions I can take part in projects or carry out them completely.

I have in process building trade projects with different tempo. Part of my projects are theoretical, part are grounded in practice, and rest are intermediate. I am looking for my practice co-operators with architecture background.

In my internet pages there has been the blog as a renewing content with 100 writings in less than two years. For the comment-field it is allowed to send only matter-related comments. In my pages there are a lot of connections, a contact channel, in the picture picture gallery there are 1400 images I have taken mainly from my own branches and travels; and the architecture gallery presents samples of four dozen projects.

To me there are sent daily hundreds of disturb-messages and daily almost every class of Email-fraud- and email-scams-posts.

I would also remind that the unauthorized use of the material of my webpage, such as copying and use without prior permission is a copyright violation. No part of this webpage may be stored, copied or use again without a prior permission of the publisher. Also a problem is out of context linking meaning a clear copyright violation and in several cases it fills both immaterial rights theft and defamation charasteristics.

Taneli Poutvaara 16.01.2018

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